Horseback Riding St Croix

Join us on an adventurous horseback riding tour of St Croix's infamous "West End". With customizable trails and a relaxed atmosphere, you will thoroughly enjoy the excitement of riding horses down long sandy beaches and through the rain-forest as you learn about historical landmarks and island culture.
Whether you are an experienced rider or just a beginner, Cruzan Cowgirls has just the right horse for you.


Cruzan Cowgirls was recently featured on Travel Channel’s new series “Real”!

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We had such a great time filming today!

We had such a great time filming today!


Please Donate to the Cruzan Cowgirls Horse Rescue Fund!

It is only through your continued support of our rescue fund and patroniziation our riding tours that we are able to rescue the horses on St. Croix, give them a second chance at a better life, and educate our public about the proper care of horses. Our island community is very supportive of our goals, but we really need your help too!  Even if you can’t come ride with us, please consider sending a monetary donation to help us help the horses. We are not yet a 501.3c recognized entity, but we have started the process and need your help to stay afloat until we are approved.



Thank You!!

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