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The New Year has already been busy for the Cruzan Cowgirls Horse Rescue! On January 2nd, Jennifer welcomed brand new baby granddaughter, Janaiya Reign, while the rest of the gang rescued an injured yearling filly. We’re not sure if she was hit by a car or injured herself running into a fence or another obstacle. Today, she is being attended to by the vet and we’ll post an update. Her care and rehabilitation will be costly – we are hoping to raise $2,500.00 towards her care.  To donate, please click here you can also share this post and link:  to help us raise funds for the Horse Rescue.


The call came in about an injured, possibly hit-by-car, yearling filly in the La Grange area. Luckily, Erik was nearby with the trailer from dropping off horses for a scheduled ride. So, he immediately responded. 01e40a9c12c7d276d7892e8962d1e4257cac8c215a

The filly had a deep laceration on her chest and wasn’t putting weight on her foreleg. A vet was called and came out to assess her injury. Thankfully, her leg wasn’t broken, but the deep laceration seemed to be affecting the muscle and tendon, causing her to keep off the foreleg. The vet gave her an antibiotic shot and painkiller. However, loading her onto the trailer was an issue as she was scared and painful. Finally after struggling and rearing, she exhausted herself. We were then able to get her on a tarp and drag her into the trailer to bring her back to Cruzan Cowgirls Horse Rescue. Many thanks to help from Gretchen, Marsha who called us, Kendra for offering help and support and the friendly Crucian man who came by and offered an additional helping hand! 018d4f0bfd5146f737615534c52dbc164cc0ac6603


Team effort!!




Once we got her back, Cruzan Cowgirl Cindy (a former veterinary technician), flushed, cleaned and packed the wound to keep it clean until the vet could come out on Saturday to suture the wound. Still exhausted from her ordeal, we could tell she knew we were there to help her and she seemed to calm down quite a bit. It’s amazing what the power of love and gentle touch can do.

Cruzan Cowgirl Yearling Horse Rescue

The other rescued animals at the farm came by to check her out and let her know she was safe.


Cruzan Cowgirls Horse Rescue Brolly Guard dog, Brolly, wouldn’t leave her side and continued to watch over her.

Cruzan Cowgirls Yearling Day 2

Day 2 – Jennifer was able to wrap and pack it back up while we wait for the vet. She’s up on her feet which is a great sign.

Surgery Complete

Dr. House cleaning her up after stitching her extensive wound and placing a drain. Her nerve had been exposed, tendon intact. Our hopes are that as she heals, her nerve damage will heal as well. The nerve affected controls flexion of her hoof and extension of her foreleg. Her prognosis is currently guarded, but good.

New Year Filly stitched up

All stitched up, drain in place. Now her treatment will include keeping the wound area clean and treating it topically, plenty of careful movement and eventually, once the wound heals, lots of swimming therapy.


Stay tuned for updates!


  1. Jill Cook
    January 3, 2015

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    These photos & everything you’re doing is so fantastic… and that sweet dog!! I love you guys! Gotta pay it forward… I’ll donate what little money I can. Bless you all… A very happy new year to us!

  2. crystal
    January 3, 2015

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    Heartbreaking!! You guys are angels!

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